This commercial was soo fun to creative direct along with my amazing team (Renaissance Group + @VisualizetheYouth). I want to thank my awesome cast for being a huge part of my vision! (Kara @Sarakouza, Amber @Amberasaly, Sherri @SideshowSherri, Chynna @Chizzyano, Tiffani @Tmbrwar, Supreme @Svpremeink, Ashton @Ashtonxbenjamin, and Falatek @Falatek). Also let's not forget my fab glam squad (@glamorousmoments, @KahhSpence, and @Makeupin_HD). Also want to thank @Bomanitalk for producing the song.
Since this was my very first time trading positions from being the muse to allowing others to execute my vision, it was definitely a huge learning experience for me. I really had no idea, I had it in me. My main goal for this visual is to really capture unity and becoming more open minded to other peoples lifestyles. Every day we are all labeled as something because of either status, follower count, wardrobe, cliques etc. I really want to bridge that gap of being type casted because of my looks. It's very important to me to teach others how to embrace one another no matter the skin color, status, body shape, interests, height and level of thinking. Judging others is a natural human thing we all find ourselves doing but if I could help change the way people view one another I'm willing to use my voice through my work to change the world by making a positive impact! Thank you guys for all of the support and feedback. I can't wait until you see what's next. -LZ xoxo
Tiffani (@Tmbrwar)Supreme (Svpremeink)Chynna (@Chizzyano)
Amber (@Amberasaly)Tiffani (@Tmbrwar), Amber (@Amberasaly)
Sherri (@Sideshowsherri), Kara (Sarakouza)
Photography By: @Ashtonxbenjamin, @SaraKouza, and @Jpulchritude